This is LoadImpact

The story of how we got started on the journey to providing a load testing SaaS app

The story

It all began...

with a game and we're now one of the leading load testing tools in the market.


 In 2008, five founding members started working on the project (version 1 of LoadImpact) having served in a consultancy capacity doing various monitoring and performance testing projects in the past. Read more about the journey here.


Fast forward to today, LoadImpact is one of the preferred SaaS Load Testing tools on the market and we also manage the open source project called k6.

The company

LoadImpact is a leading online load and performance testing service that lets you test your website, web-app, mobile app or API locally or over the Internet. It’s a true on-demand service, where you can start testing immediately with our open source load testing tool, k6.


We provide cloud based load testing and automated results analysis as an online service to customers all over the world. In fact, our load-testing service is so popular that it’s already been used to execute over 1,500,000 load tests. Making LoadImpact the most popular load testing service on the Internet.


LoadImpact enables DevOps teams to deliver high performing websites, web apps and APIs to market faster and at lower cost.