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A SaaS performance testing solution for modern DevOps teams

Get automated Performance Alerts to quickly find issues

Load 25 virtual users for 3 mins. See results in LoadImpact Insights.

Next Generation Performance Testing

Reduce development costs, improve customer satisfaction and grow your revenue faster.

A new approach that supports performance testing throughout the development lifecycle.

Find performance issues early

Start load testing early in the software development life cycle, on the developer's machine. The local environment is king for developers. The command-line is home. That's why we built k6, an open-source, command line driven load testing tool.

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Easily analyze load test results

Traditionally, interpreting performance test results has been difficult. LoadImpact Insights automated results analysis makes it easy to understand your test results so you can quickly find and fix performance issues.

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Run large tests in the cloud

QA and performance engineering teams can run large load tests in the cloud later in the development cycle. Catch website, app and API performance problems before production.  Use the same test scripts across local and cloud execution modes.

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Next Generation LoadImpact Solution

LoadImpact 4.0: k6 + LoadImpact Insights + Cloud Execution


The foundation of LoadImpact 4.0 is the open source load testing tool k6. Built for modern DevOps teams. Create tests in ES6 JavaScript- it's familiar, powerful and flexible. Track and manage test scripts and configurations in your version control system (VCS).

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LoadImpact Insights

Automated performance test results analysis. Store, analyze and share your load test results with your team. See important trends across tests. Performance Alerts help you quickly understand the results.

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LoadImpact Cloud Execution

Run larger tests on our global cloud infrastructure with LoadImpact Cloud Execution. Stress test your websites and web apps to ensure they can handle peak traffic conditions. Generate loads from multiple load zones around the world to test performance for all of your global customers.

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Performance test Websites, Apps, APIs, Microservices and more

Flexible, modern and easy to use

Developers love k6 and Insights

API testing

Use our powerful scripting environment to create API test scenarios from the simple to the complex. You’ll have all the conveniences needed to load test your web, mobile or Internet of Things (IoT) API.

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Website and App testing

Easily load test your website or web app. Create test scenarios based on Virtual Users (VUs) and simulated traffic configurations. Ensure you get the performance you need to meet user demand.

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Performance testing in a DevOps environment

Automate load testing in your CI pipeline

LoadImpact integrates into any Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) pipeline for faster time to market.


Automate performance testing as a seamless part of your software development cycle.

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Developers ❤ LoadImpact

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"First off, as a long time developer--I love it! Being able to build a load test in code, allowing me to maintain the rules right alongside our application, matching changes to our load test with changes in a specific release, letting developers run their own standalone instances of the test suite.... I am now a huge fan of your platform!"
Sr. System Engineer
"Love the product - that API has just made things a lot more useful."
Senior Software Engineer
"My team is loving working with k6 and Load Impact!"
Software Test Engineer

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Postman to k6 converter tool

26 March, 2019

We've released a new and greatly improved Postman to k6 converter. Check it out! - v0.1.1


JMeter to k6 converter tool

28 February, 2019

We've released a JMeter to k6 converter. Check it out! - v0.1.17


New k6 release

18 December, 2018

Yet another release of k6 is ready for you. Go get it! - v0.23.1



Automated Load Testing Results Analysis

It can be challenging to understand the results you get from a performance test run. Automated results analysis makes it easier to interpret your test results and speeds up the process of finding and fixing performance issues. LoadImpact Insights Performance Alerts help you quickly pinpoint performance issues.


Speaker: Robin Gustafsson, CTO, Load Impact


Host: Mark Meier, Customer Success Lead, Load Impact 


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