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Ship better performing apps and sites, faster.

Nothing to install, easy config: instant load testing for developers and devops.

Load 25 virtual users in 5 mins

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  • Humana
  • Quicksilver
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Three things Load Impact is great at

Automated testing

Automated testing

Integrate Load Impact into your Continuous Delivery pipeline with our CI plug-ins or opt for full control with our API and SDKs. No matter your choice we will hook you up with performance trending analytics and notify you of any test failures through Slack/HipChat via a webhook.

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API testing

We give you a powerful Lua scripting environment so that you can create as simple or complex API user scenarios as you need. With support for all HTTP methods, fully customizable headers and body data, JSON/XML parsing, custom metrics and more you have all the conveniences needed to test your web, mobile or IoT API.

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API testing
Web app testing

Web & web app testing

Easily load test your website or web app. Record user scenarios using our Chrome extension or proxy recorder and configure a test with just a few clicks. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!

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Why Us

Because we know load testing better than anyone else. We've done it more than two million times!

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