Load testing for developers

Empowering teams to performance test with ease

Load 25 virtual users for 3 min. See results in Load Impact cloud service.

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How it works

The power of ES6 JavaScript. The flexibility of a CLI. The convenience of the cloud.

1 Create a test case

Code your test in ES6 Javascript, or use our GUI to generate the JavaScript necessary for your test. Convert existing Postman collections and Jmeter tests.

Create a test case

2 Run it

Use our CLI to run tests locally from your machine or in our cloud, distributed across multiple geo locations.

Run it

3 Analyse the results

Leverage our cloud to visualize results, trend results over time, and gain access to our Performance Alert algorithms. Full access to raw data for deeper analysis.

Analyse the results

Developer-first, built for teams

Spend less time load testing and more time building better performing applications.

  • Load test as code (ES6 Javascript). Clean and flexible APIs.
  • Easy-to-use CLI for local and cloud execution.
  • Get automated performance alerts and trends to quickly find performance issues.
  • Extensive documentation and awesome community.
  • First class support.
  • Run tests on your machines or in our cloud, store all results in the cloud for collaboration across team members.
  • Flexible API to define your performance goals.
  • Easily automate your performance tests to be notified when the performance of your system changes.
  • Get developers involved in performance testing.
  • First class support.
  • Be confident that code changes won’t impact the performance in production.
  • All test result reports are cloud based and can easily be shared with team members, managers and executives.
  • All plans include unlimited team members.
  • All plans include unlimited projects, with role-based access control to structure testing across teams, environments and/or projects.
  • First class support.

Use Cases

We make performance testing easy for these use cases.

Local testing

  • Validate test cases in development environments.
  • Test systems behind firewalls, store results to Insights for analysis.

Regression testing

  • Test continuously and get pass/fail notifications based on your performance goals.
  • Schedule your tests or integrate them with your CI tool.
k6 Insights Cloud

Cloud testing

  • Scale to the cloud with thousands of users or requests/second, with up to 12 locations from around the world.
  • Test your container orchestration to make sure it scales appropriately.

A/B testing

  • Test before and after your changes.
  • Compare different infraestructures to see which performs best for your workload.

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