Load Impact is now k6

Load Impact is now k6

Due to the success and rapid growth of the k6 open source load testing tool we decided to rebrand the LoadImpact product as k6 Cloud!

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What does that mean for my account?

LoadImpact v3.0

LoadImpact v3.0

The v3.0 of the service is being deprecated and will close down on December 31st, 2020. Until then you'll still access your account with v3.0 tests and result data via app.loadimpact.com.

The new app at app.k6.io will not include any v3.0 related test configuration, user scenario or result data.

LoadImpact v4.0

LoadImpact v4.0

Your account will allow dual access across app.loadimpact.com and the new and improved app at app.k6.io until May 31st, 2020 when all access to v4.0 data will only be available via app.k6.io.

The new k6 Cloud Service

We spent 12 months improving the user experience and design of the app and all its features. We hope you'll like the faster, more intuitive and aesthetically pleasing new app.

Create a test case New Script Editor
Create a test case New Test Builder
Create a test case New Result Page

Built for these use cases

API load testing

We've focused explicitly on API load testing in the new k6.io app, with a completely revamped Test Builder.

Load testing websites

We've significantly improved our browser session recorder to make easier load testing a website.

Automated performance testing

k6 OSS has treated automation as a core feature to help you automating your performance tests.

All types of testing

Stress testing

Verify the stability and reliability of your API under extreme conditions.

Soak testing

Test the reliability of your system when testing for longer periods with soak tests.

Smoke testing

Run performance tests with minimal load to validate software changes.

Any questions?

Chat with us or email us at support@loadimpact.com!

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