Wondering why you should choose us?

It's simple, with Load Impact you can instantly run more realistic load tests

We know load testing

We've run more than two million load tests and are the most widely used performance testing tool on the web

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Over two hundred thousand developers and testers trust us

Everyday, we help thousands of people realize the importance of early and continuous feedback

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We generate load from across the globe

In a single test, we can generate load from up to 10 different geographical regions - simultaneously
We generate load from across the globe

We do some heavy lifting

We measure the response rate and throughput of every resource transferred. With this level of insight, we help you accurately pinpoint performance bottlenecks.

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We measure backend resources too

We collect CPU usage, memory usage, disk I/O, network I/O and APDEX data while testing via our New Relic integration or our installed monitoring agents.

We measure backend resources too

Oh yes, and our customers love us!

Donald Ferguson, Co-Founder SparqTV Load Impact is an excellent tool. The product is extremely easy to use. Defining and configuring tests is quick, intuitive and easy Donald Ferguson
Co-founder & CTO at SparqTV
>Will Kessler, Director of Engineering, Crunchbase

In 45 minutes I had scripted all the tests we needed, created ramped tests, adjusted our code, and rinsed and repeated everything, with no support calls. If you need to get testing fast, I'd recommend it. Will Kessler, Head of Mobile/Infrastructure

Julian Johannesen, Director of Research, Nonprofit VOTE and MP of NVRD

"Thank you for the service you guys provide. I found you only a couple of weeks before National Voter Registration Day (NVRD) and getting everything set up was really easy. I will definitely recommend you to other folks."

Julian Johannesen
Director of Research and training at Nonprofit VOTE,
Managing partner of National Voter Registration Day