Website & web app performance testing

Enhanced performance leads to greater customer satisfaction, better conversion rates and more revenue. Determine the scalability of your website or app with just one click - no programming required.

How Load Impact’s website and web app testing works

The challenges to website and web app performance

  • A gap currently exists between customer demands and the ability of website and web-app owners to meet those demands consistently and reliably.
  • In 2012, 68% of website owners reported stability or performance problems. At the same time, only 30% of website owners reported doing regular preventive load testing before technical changes (Load Impact Report, 2013).
  • Research suggests that one out of five shopping carts are abandoned due to slow website performance. Simply put, 18% of shoppers will abandon their cart if pages are too slow (Tammy Everts, Radware, 2013).
  • Studies reveal that decreasing latency by 5 seconds (from 7 seconds to 2 seconds) increases page views by 25% and revenue by 7% to 12% (Shopzilla, 2009).

Why website and web app testing matters

In 2012, Load Impact surveyed 500 website owners and analyzed over 8,500 load test results. The study revealed that majority of website owners overestimate user capacity – by as much as 3.4 times. Moreover, despite the fact that 77% of respondents believe response times should be less than 2 seconds, the average page load speed of the websites analyzed was much higher – upwards of 8 seconds for ecommerce sites.

Without testing the durability and scalability of your website or app, you can never be sure that the correlation of all active components of your service – 3rd parties resources or content, feeds, content management platforms, databases and internal systems – will provide for an acceptable customer experience.

Gone are the days of users only accessing your website or app from a desktop, connected to their DSL at home, and located within the same national borders as your business. Today’s mobile and global users require more than responsive design and localization to remain loyal, they demand exceptional performance regardless of location, browser type, network conditions or device.

Our solution

With Load Impact, you can quickly create a load test which simulates different browsers, network conditions and visitor behaviors – giving you the most realistic testing and the most reliable results.

Record real user scenarios using our easy-to-use Chrome Extension or generate a load script automatically with just one click.

For advanced testers, create custom scripts using our programmer-friendly IDE with code completion, JSON and XML parsing, data parameterization and more.

We help you with all of the following

  • Ensure the response times experienced by your users are acceptable and within the boundaries of Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Validate server scalability and measure end user performance
  • Establish a long-term baseline for your performance on which to validate the impact (good and bad) of infrastructure changes over time
  • Determine your maximum capacity in order to understand which components fail first, in what order and what the nature of that failure is
  • Locate and fix performance bottlenecks in your backend by monitoring servers during testing