Professional Services | Load Impact

Most companies with dynamic applications (websites or APIs) face the same challenges: pages/transactions must respond quickly, infrastructure must scale efficiently, and sites and services must be reliable, without burning out the team or breaking the budget.

We can assist you to simulate a large number of users to your website or API, from multiple countries and browsers, to find out under what conditions your application will slow down dramatically and which components within the application caused this slow down.

What our Professional Services team can do for you:

  • Develop relevant and realistic user-scenarios (i.e. test scripts or cases).

  • Create sophisticated test execution plans, including: distribution of load across geo-locations; network, client and browser emulation; load ramping; IP configuration; and server monitoring.

  • Walk you through our Test Methodology and get you on the road to self-sufficiency.

  • Provide comprehensive analyses of test results - are they good or bad, and why.

  • Offer recommendations, guidance and optimization advice on how to improve performance.

  • Convert your LoadRunner, JMeter, Har-file, Curl, Apache, Microsoft and OATS test scripts to Load Impact scripts.

Why Load Impact Professional Services:

The Load Impact Professional Services team have a combined 20+ years experience in load and performance testing. Unlike installed load testing solutions, we are able to simulate real, external traffic over the Internet. We have a clear channel strategy and have significant experience in collaborating efficiently with your preferred hosting/system integration partner and/or your Test & QA partner.

We offer sophisticated testing and comprehensive analyses of test results, as well as solid recommendations on how you can improve the performance of your site or API. We plan, configure and execute your load test precisely according to your needs and requirements. We will also provide a detailed report that includes both the results and recommendations for performance optimization, if any.

Some of our happy professional services customers include: United Health, Citrix,, Google India, IBM, Innerworkings, Bonnier, Schibsted, Tv4, MTG, TeliaSonera, and many more!

Our solution:

  • 100% cloud-based. No hardware to install, no maintenance fees. A true cloud service that generates load from the cloud from multitude geographic locations simultaneously.
  • Add Load Impact to your continuous delivery process using the Load Impact API, SDKs or Continuous Integration plugins.
  • Web application provides analysis and results as well as scripting and test management – all in one place with a consistent user experience.