Integrate Load Impact with your favorite DevOps and developer tools

A productive developer environment is a crucial aspect of building great software.


At Load Impact, we are serious about developer speed and quality, and work hard to make sure our performance testing technology and service seamlessly fits within the modern developer toolchain,
including continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD), pipeline and deployment automation tools.

CI/CD, pipeline and deployment automation

Load Impact integrates into any Continuous Integration and Deployment Pipeline, enabling performance testing to be a seamless part of the automated developer lifecycle. Use any of our predefined integrations, our SDKs or flexible REST API.

APM - Application Performance Monitoring

APM and system monitoring turns black-box testing into white-box, unleashing deep insights into the behaviour and reactions of the system under test. Leverage our sophisticated APM integrations to reap the benefits of your existing monitoring investments, or use our Load Impact Server Monitoring solution for a quick and seamless setup.

API Management

APIs are everywhere. We know it and have many users leveraging their prior investments in structured API specification and management as the backbone for their Load Impact API performance testing.

Automated load testing

Three essentials for automated performance testing

Goal oriented

We believe load testing should be goal-oriented and want to make it as easy as possible for you to achieve that. By setting up thresholds in your test configuration your tests will be automatically failed when those thresholds are overrun.

CLI for easy integration

We also believe in the practice of continuous load testing. To that end we created a CLI that makes it easy to integrate load testing with your CI tool/service of choice.


To stay completely out of your way, when your tests finish, we can notify you in Slack, HipChat or via Webhook. Be the first to know if your tests fail!