Performance testing for software and services

Every business is waking up to the realization that they're a software company. On top of that, online businesses are facing the brutal reality of global competition and demanding consumers. In this world, performance is a feature, performance is a differentiator. Software is eating the world, make sure it stays lean.

The challenges of performance testing in a DevOps reality

The shift of QA from siloed and manual to collaborative and automated introduces challenges for all key people involved in quality assurance.


Quality assurance starts with the people that build the systems. Testing tools need to fit the desired workflow, provide fast feedback and be reliable.


Testing tools need to meet the needs of testers, the performance heroes that need to both engage developers in testing and manage the end-to-end quality assurance.

Engineering managers

Cultivating a performance first mindset in a team while continuously shipping quality software on time is a difficult task. The tooling must be adaptable to the workflow of the team and get out of the way as much as possible.

Simplicity of a cloud-hosted solution

Power of a full programming language

Use JavaScript programming language to create advanced scenarios that include complex flows, randomized and parameterized requests as well as HTTP basic, HTTP digest, token or NTLM based authentication.

No infratructure to manage

Tests are run on cloud servers managed by us, you don't have to care about setting up and tearing down infrastructure for your tests.

Real-time results, standard and custom metrics, performance trending

See results in real-time while your test is running. Both standard and custom defined metrics are collected, stored and visualized in the cloud. Each test run contributes a data point to the performance trend of a particular test configuration.

Effectively organize your testing

Easily organize your tests into projects with role-based access control for all your team members.

Use cases

Supports performance testing of APIs as well as web sites and apps.
Add automated performance testing to test for performance regressions.

API testing

Performance test your APIs with JavaScript code. You can convert your Postman Collections to executable scripts. Support for all HTTP methods, JSON and XML as well as custom metrics to keep track of what matters to you.

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Website and app testing

Hand code your web site/app user scenarios with JavaScript or use one of our recording options to quickly get up and running.

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Automated testing

Once you have gained some initial knowledge of your system's performance limits, it's straightforward to set up automated performance regression tests using k6 and stream results to our cloud service for analysis.

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