Performance testing for e-commerce

Because faster response time not only improves user experience, it increases conversion rate.

Performance challenges

Running an e-commerce website is complex. And to remain competitive, load testing becomes mandatory. Load testing helps prevent errors and improve page performance. Every second counts, because for ecommerce sites, performance translates directly to profits.

Quality of code

Load testing is vital for successful e-commerce platforms, and quality assurance starts with the developers that build these systems. Testing tools need to fit their workflow and provide fast feedback.



Automated Testing

Ensure cross-device availability

Desktop is no longer the main device for online shopping. Make sure your e-commerce system performs smoothly across different platforms and devices, by testing regularly as part of your developer workflow.



API Testing

Speed is money

Not only do you need to provide an interesting and compelling experience, you also need to make that experience fast and reliable. To ensure a competitive e-commerce site, strive for an Average Response Time of less than 3 seconds.


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Powerful features for e-commerce solutions

Test scheduling and automation

You can include Load Impact as part of your Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery process with the use of our Jenkins, Circle CI and TeamCity plugins, as well as our open API. Learn more

Easy-to-use scenario recorders

Record an HTTP session as a HAR file and use the built-in HAR converter to generate a test script for k6. The simulated  virtual users (VUs) will perform the exact same actions during the test.

Performance trending

Plot a single, high-level performance metric collected over multiple test runs to locate patterns of performance degradation or improvement, and more easily validate the performance impact of code and infrastructure changes over time. Make sure your service is delivering on time.

The Load Impact CLI

We're bringing you load testing on your terms. Create, update, save, delete and validate user scenarios right from the command line. You can even upload and update your data stores from the CLI.


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Different types of website performance testing

Load Impact supports performance testing of different user scanarios

Test a site with login

Supports both basic HTTP authentication and HTTP POST operations, as well as HTTPS. This means we support most common methods for logging in to sites.

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Test a checkout

What to look for when conducting a performance and load test on a website that includes a checkout process as a user scenario.

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How to load test an API

Performance test your APIs with powerful JavaScript scripting. Support for all HTTP methods, JSON and XML as well as custom metrics to keep track of what matters to you.

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