Performance Testing with Load Impact and Postman

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We offer two separate command line tools that converts your Postman functional tests into user scenarios. Dependent on what type of testing you plan to do, you will have to choose the right one for conversion, prior to executing your load test(s).

Why two? Well, currently we have two separate products and they use different scripting languages.

Local or CI platform:
If you plan to run load tests locally or from your CI environment, for example CircleCI, you likely want to use our command line tool k6. You run k6 locally and then you can use our Insights product for analysing real-time test results. As k6 uses JavaScript (es6) as its scripting language, you will need to convert your exported collections to JavaScript.

-> For converting your Postman collections to be used with k6, you first need to install the Postman-to-k6 tool, found on these github pages. It is a very simple command line to do this when installed, here an example command line $ postman-to-k6 path/my-collection.json -o path/k6-script.js.

More details on exactly how to do this, is found in this knowledge base article

Cloud execution through
The second option is that you want to use our online tool that executes real-time load test from the cloud following the instructions from your scripts. This tool currently use Lua as its scripting language.

-> Check out the postman-to-loadimpact GitHub repository for the documentation on this command line converter. Similar to the other converter above, the command line is very straight forward and simple for your exported Postman collection, $ postman-to-loadimpact path/my-collection.json -o path/my-collection.lua

Details on exactly how to do this for the Lua product, is found in this knowledge base article.

Once the script has been validated in either of the two tools, you can assign the user scenario to a load test to run it under the specific user load.

If you have any suggestions, contact support or post an issue in the respective Github repo.

You can always reach us in our chat tool, down to the right, or by email to

Note: We’re happy to help you get started when integrating Load Impact into your development environment, but this article is not meant to imply full support of the integration. The two converters presented are open source projects, so we highly encourage you to contribute and share what you've created.