Load Impact Insights - load testing results analysis

Load Impact Insights is designed to be the perfect companion to our open source, command-line load testing tool k6, giving you test result storage, analysis, collaboration and trending in the cloud.

Run performance tests locally or in the cloud, and analyze in the cloud

The next generation Load Impact solution is powered by our new open source load generator k6. You get a load testing tool for the DevOps era, with support for local testing as well as distributed cloud execution on the Load Impact SaaS platform. Developers can run fast, daily load tests, on their own machines, as part of their Continuous Integration process. QA testers can run more complex tests in the cloud. Load Impact Insights lets your team store and analyze results and see performance trends. Automated analysis speeds up the process of finding performance issues.


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Run tests from your computer (local execution)

Run tests from your local machine to debug a test script or to get quick performance feedback before pushing code to version control and your CI tool. The results can always be streamed, analyzed and stored in the cloud using Load Impact Insights.

Run larger tests in the cloud

Run tests in the cloud using Load Impact Cloud Execution. Or, run tests on cloud servers under your own AWS, Microsoft Azure or GCP account. As with local tests, the load test results can be streamed, analyzed and stored in the cloud using Load Impact Insights.

Load Impact Insights

One place to store all results

No matter from where or how you run your performance tests, Insights can receive and store your test results in one place for team wide collaboration with analysis.

Effectively organize your testing

Easily organize your tests into projects with role-based access control for your team members.

Automated analysis

A performance test can generate a lot of metrics data and it can be time consuming to manually look through it all. That's why we have condensed our performance testing experience into algorithms that analyze your results in real-time and surfaces issues in the form of performance alerts.

Flexible metric visualization

You have access to all your metrics that k6 reports in Insights, including URL and group response times, global and per-URL request rates, data sent and received as well as any custom metrics that you've defined in your script.

Powerful filtering with tags

All metrics can be filtered based on tags that you have defined in your scripts. You can even tag individual requests or custom metric samples and retrieve those through Insights powerful tag filtering.


Start a test and let us notify you via Slack, HipChat or a Webhook when it's done. If you have also setup thresholds the notification will also tell you whether the test passed or failed.


As code is being deployed at an ever increasing pace, it's not only important to make sure you have the necessary performance gatekeeper steps in your automation pipeline set up. It's equally important to understand how your system's performance is changing over time. With performance trending you get an overview of how the performance is changing over time, across test runs.

Getting started with k6 and Load Impact Insights

Download k6, get your API token and start streaming results to Insights

k6 CLI

Easy installation flow across platforms




  1. Install the latest k6 package:
    $ sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp://keyserver.ubuntu.com:80 --recv-keys 379CE192D401AB61
    $ echo "deb https://dl.bintray.com/loadimpact/deb stable main" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list
    $ sudo apt-get update
    $ sudo apt-get install k6
  2. Run your first k6 test:
    $ k6 run -u 1 -d 10s github.com/loadimpact/k6/samples/http_get.js




  1. Install the latest k6 package:
    $ wget https://bintray.com/loadimpact/rpm/rpm -O bintray-loadimpact-rpm.repo
    $ sudo mv bintray-loadimpact-rpm.repo /etc/yum.repos.d/
    $ sudo yum install k6
  2. Run your first k6 test:
    $ k6 run -u 1 -d 10s github.com/loadimpact/k6/samples/http_get.js
  1. Install k6 using Homebrew:
    $ brew tap loadimpact/k6
    $ brew install k6
  2. Run your first k6 test:
    $ k6 run -u 1 -d 10s github.com/loadimpact/k6/samples/http_get.js
  1. Download the latest k6 MSI installer
  2. Run the installer
  3. Run your first k6 test:
    $ k6 run -u 1 -d 10s github.com/loadimpact/k6/samples/http_get.js

Streaming k6 results to Insights is easy peasy

Just login and add -o cloud :)


$ k6 login cloud
$ k6 run -u 1 -d 10s -o cloud https://github.com/loadimpact/k6/samples/http_get.js


Questions and answers to clarify Insights pricing

Do these subscription include access to the Lua based product?

No, these subscriptions are for Insights only, for streaming, storing and visualizing k6 test results. Subscriptions for the Lua based product, including cloud execution, are available from the regular pricing page.

Is k6 cloud execution included in these subscriptions?

No, k6 cloud execution is still in beta and will be launched at a later point in time. If you want to join the k6 cloud execution beta, contact support.

Is there a way to see Insights without registering an account?

Yes, you can run an "anonymous test" using k6. You do that by executing k6 run -o cloud script.js without first logging in to your Load Impact account using k6 login cloud or specifying an API token using environment variables. Anonymous test results are only allowed for tests with 50 VUs and a duration of 5 mins and are deleted after 4 hours.