Get Early Access to LoadImpact Insights

Automatic Interpretation of k6 Results

LoadImpact Insights is designed to be the perfect companion to our open source command-line load testing tool k6, giving you the power of our result interpretation algorithms and visual presentation of k6 results in the cloud.

k6 is a modern load testing tool for developers made by LoadImpact and available on Github at Built in Go, with JavaScript (ES6) as its scripting language.

To get started and setup, you have to complete 3 simple steps

1. Sign-up and join our Insider program

By joining you get early access to LoadImpact Insights for free, and in return we'll reach out and ask you to provide us with feedback on your experience, the goods but more importantly the bads :-)

If you already have an account visit your account page to join the Insider program.

2. Download k6

Download k6 from DockerHub (or visit for instructions on alternative installation instructions)

$ docker pull loadimpact/k6

3. Run a k6 test

It's now time to run your first k6 test, streaming the results to LoadImpact Insights. A link to the results will be printed to the command line output of k6. Copy and paste it into your browser of choice to view the k6 results in real-time as they stream in.

$ cat script.js
import { check, sleep } from "k6";
import http from "k6/http";

export let options = {
    // Rampup up to 10 users, hold at 10 users, then ramp down to 0 users
    stages: [
        { duration: "30s", vus: 10 }
        { duration: "30s" }
        { duration: "30s", vus: 0 }
    // Fail test if 95th percentile of response time is above 100ms
    thresholds: {
        http_req_duration: ["p(95)<100"]
export default function() {
    let res = http.get("");
    check(res, {
        "is status 200": (r) => r.status === 200

$ docker run -i -e "K6CLOUD_TOKEN=<your token>" loadimpact/k6 run -o cloud -<script.js

We're here to help

You can read more about k6, how to extend this very simple example test and browse the available JS APIs at Insights support will be provided through the regular LoadImpact support channels, including our Knowledge Base, k6 support will be provided through Slack and #k6 on Twitter and StackOverflow.

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