LoadImpact Cloud Execution

Run large load tests on LoadImpact's global cloud infrastructure

Distributed Cloud Execution on LoadImpact Infrastructure

From 14 regions across the globe

Run large load tests

If you are load testing a website or web application, you typically want to run some larger stress tests as part of your standard QA process. You  probably want to test at 2x to 3x, or more, your normal traffic level. Here's a quick calculation for determining the number of VU's you might need:


Virtual Users = (Traffic Multiple x Hourly Sessions x Average Session Duration in seconds) / 3,600

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Developers and QA testers can run larger and more complex performance tests in the cloud with LoadImpact Cloud Execution.


Features and Benefits

Run Load Tests with Up to 5000 Virtual Users

Your local machine will run out of steam at around a couple of hundred VUs, depending on your test scenario. So, you'll need more compute resources. Access our global performance testing infrastructure with LoadImpact Cloud Execution.


Run the same test scripts in the cloud that you ran on k6 locally.

Generate Load from Multiple Geographic Locations

Generate test loads from 14 different global locations ("Load Zones"). This allows you to test performance of your website or app for all your users around the world. Ensure that all of your global customers experience great performance.

No Worries About Managing Your Performance Testing Infrastructure!

We'll do all of the heavy lifting to manage your performance testing infrastructure. You don't have to worry about setup and teardown, or figuring out the right number of instances needed for your load testing scenarios.

Execute Tests from the Cloud UI

Executing load tests from the LoadImpact SaaS application automatically runs the test on the LoadImpact cloud infrastructure (powered by Amazon Web Services).

Execute Tests from the Command Line

From the command line, you can execute performance tests that will run on the LoadImpact cloud infrastructure. First, you need to have a LoadImpact account, if you don't have one already.

k6 login cloud

k6 cloud script.js



Integrated with LoadImpact Insights

Cloud Execution is integrated with LoadImpact Insights for easy access to automated load testing results analysis