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Load Impact 2018.3.3

released 2018-3-28

  • Insights: support to visualize tests with longer duration.
  • K6 cloud tests can be aborted by thresholds.
  • Cloud thresholds can be aborted by the UI or CLI.
  • Insights: groups are ordered after execution order in the breakdown.
  • K6 projects can run k6 tests by providing URLs or a HAR file.
  • Use k6 version 0.20.0 for cloud tests.
  • Insights: can visualize k6 main script for cloud tests.
  • Insights: can share a k6 result.

Load Impact 2018.3.2

released 2018-3-19

  • Insights: allow to upload larger tests.
  • Support thresholds in k6 cloud execution.
  • Added a new k6 test run status: “Processing data”.
  • Fix: k6 performance trending chart displays up to 100 test runs.

Load Impact 2018.3.1

released 2018-3-17

  • Insights: support uploading larger tests.

Load Impact 2018.2.2

released 2018-2-14

  • Insights: performance alerts.
  • k6 tests are sorted by creation time instead of starting time.
  • Insiders can create k6 projects.
  • Bug fixes.

Load Impact 2018.2.1

released 2018-2-14

  • CLI: When running test, pressing Ctrl+C will now abort the test run.
  • CLI: When running test API errors will be ignored by default, option --no-ignore-errors has been added to loadimpact test run command to implement old behavior.

Load Impact 2018.1.1

released 2018-1-18

  • Fix: can upload data store from user scenario page.
  • Fix: when a k6 project is selected, the integrations page shows the option to access your user token.
  • Insights: Improve design details when the test data is empty or loading.
  • Insights: New tab panel for the Breakdown and URL table sections.