Changelog | Load Impact

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Load Impact 2018.2.1 (released 2018-2-14)

  • CLI: When running test, pressing Ctrl+C will now abort the test run

  • CLI: When running test API errors will be ignored by default, option --no-ignore-errors has been added to loadimpact test run command to implement old behavior

Load Impact 2018.1.1 (released 2018-1-18)

  • Fix: can upload data store from user scenario page.

  • Fix: when a k6 project is selected, the integrations page shows the option to access your user token.

  • Insights: Improve design details when the test data is empty or loading.

  • Insights: New tab panel for the Breakdown and URL table sections.

Load Impact 2017.12.1 (released 2017-12-13)

  • Insights: improve the URL table design.

  • Fix: “canceled” subscriptions can not invite team members.

Load Impact 2017.11.1 (released 2017-11-10)

  • Fix GeoIP verification in case of erroneous country code

  • Insights: Better HTTP error representation. When a HTTP request is error 0; the app shows the internal `k6` error message

  • Insights: Added the URL table UI

  • Replace Gravatar default with Load Impact default

  • Insights: Improve representation for the Timeout state

Load Impact 2017.10.2 (released 2017-10-20)

  • Docs: Update documentation of the `http.put` method.

  • Fix: Show correct org members when creating a new project.

  • Fix: It can create a test config threshold if a threshold was previously deleted.

  • Design: Improve UI to edit a test run note on the test overview page.

  • Insights: Added a bew UI to allow users to navigate to one of the latest test runs.

Load Impact 2017.10.1 (released 2017-10-05)

  • CLI: Adds support for listing tests, running tests and listing metrics of tests. See repository on Github for usage instructions.

Load Impact 2017.9.4 (released 2017-09-28)

  • Fix: Firefox/IE edit note bug in test details page.

  • Fix: Increase dropdown width in the server metric select dialog on the test results page.

Load Impact 2017.9.3 (released 2017-09-28)

  • Feature: Allow users to enter a brief description or notes for test runs.

  • Insights: Percentiles option added to metric chart.

  • Insights: Allow for new options for url and web sockets metric charts.

  • Insights: When the test is active, the Request rate metrics is shown on the main chart.

Load Impact 2017.9.2 (released 2017-09-26)

  • Infrastructure: TLSv1.0 support has been turned off for, and If you're using an older version of the server metrics agent you might need to update.

Load Impact 2017.9.1 (released 2017-09-11)

  • Insights: Default metrics (VUs, LoadTime, Reqs/second) have always the same chart colors.

  • Insights: If no check failures, do not show Check failures chart.

  • Insights: Improve the click interaction of the breakdown row.

  • Insights: Improve the opening interaction of the Analysis panel.

  • Insights: Show custom metrics in the breakdown.

  • Insights: Show modal view to add more metrics to the Analysis panel.

  • Insights: Improve test duration output.

  • Insights: Breakdown tab options (Thresholds, Checks, URLs, Custom metrics) are not shown if options are not present in the test.

Load Impact 2017.8.1 (released 2017-08-18)

  • Fix: k6 Insights view bugs.

  • Fix: when the user navigates to the data retention plan, he cannot purchase a normal subscription.

  • Fix: when regenerating tokens, the confirm button title was incorrect.

Load Impact 2017.7.1 (released 2017-07-05)

  • If k6 project is selected, do not show the Load Script API documentation

  • In test overview, the trending chart becomes smaller

  • Enable integrations page for k6 projects

  • Enable navigation breadcrum for k6 tests

  • By default, the k6 breakdown is always visible and shows all the test results

Load Impact 2017.6.2 (released 2017-06-28)

  • Pricing: Simplify by removing tiers and more clearly highlighting what important things are included in each tier.

Load Impact 2017.6.1 (released 2017-06-26)

  • UX: Add support for self-service subscription upgrades and downgrades in-app.

  • Insights: Add support for thresholds.

  • Insights: Add response time to main chart by default and more prominently highlighting thresholds, checks and URL errors.

  • Fix: Issue with data store uploads by read/write project members.

Load Impact 2017.5.6 (released 2017-05-19)

  • Fix column sorting in test result.

Load Impact 2017.5.5 (released 2017-05-16)

  • Test results: fix filter by user scenario.

Load Impact 2017.5.3 (released 2017-05-11)

  • Insiders Program: Stream your k6 results to Load Impact Insights.

Load Impact 2017.5.2 (released 2017-05-09)

  • Fix: Missing test result pagination.

  • Fix: Data store and monitoring list pages: fix search query params.

  • Fix: List pages show message when the list is empty or the search is empty.

Load Impact 2017.5.1 (released 2017-05-05)

  • Fix: Uploading data store did not update the data store list.

Load Impact 2017.4.6 (released 2017-04-25)

  • Design: Decrease font size in the scenario editor.

  • Fix: Close the schedule modal view, when navigating to the notifications page.

  • Fix: Improve the search by name experience in the tests/user scenario/data stores pages.

Load Impact 2017.4.5 (released 2017-04-24)

  • Fix: Search by name in the data stores and user scenario list pages.

Load Impact 2017.4.4 (released 2017-04-21)

  • Fix: CSV parse configuration was not correctly taken into account when re-uploading CSV file (PUT request)

Load Impact 2017.4.3 (released 2017-04-20)

  • New visual design and app chrome.

  • Merge the insights page into the test list page.

Load Impact 2017.4.2 (released 2017-04-05)

  • Fix: Test result view in IE11.

  • UX: Add new project option in the project menu.

Load Impact 2017.4.1 (released 2017-04-04)

  • Notifications: Test run URL in notifications is now correct.

Load Impact 2017.3.3 (released 2017-03-27)

  • New admin page to manage organizations and projects.

  • Fix: Pages metrics don’t show up on large tests.

Load Impact 2017.3.2 (released 2017-03-16)

  • Pricing: Add monthly starter subscription and pricing changes.

  • Organizations: A new invited user lands in the shared organization instead of the personal organization

Load Impact 2017.3.1 (released 2017-03-08)

  • Design: Login, Register and related modal views become pages.

  • Help: Add inline help button in the test result map.

  • Design: Modify UIs to make the design more consistent.

  • Fix: Could not purchase a subscription for a new organization.

  • Fix: Help icon covers pagination item.

Load Impact 2017.2.4 (released 2017-02-08)

  • Receipts: issue with wrong date of payment has been fixed.

Load Impact 2017.2.3 (released 2017-02-08)

  • Design: The layout is now fluid, and the design has been improved for large screens.

Load Impact 2017.2.2 (released 2017-02-03)

  • Pricing: New starter subscription and pricing changes.

  • Content: Add CircleCI to the integration page. Jenkins and TeamCity options redirect to new pages.

  • UX: When closing the modal view during a subscription purchase, the user is redirected to the subscription start page.

  • Fix: When a button became disabled, but the mouse stayed over the button, the tooltip did not disappear.

  • Fix: Knowledge base articles did not auto-open on pre-defined pages.

  • Fix: When saving an user scenario on firefox, the editor scroll to the line with error code.

Load Impact 2017.2.1 (released 2017-02-02)

  • Load zones: you can now run tests from 6 additional AWS regions (Columbus/Ohio, Frankfurt/Germany, London/UK, Mumbai/India, Seoul/South Korea and Montreal/Canada).

  • Organizations: fixed a bug in handling of organizations with non-ASCII characters in the name.

Load Impact 2017.1.3 (released 2017-01-24)

  • Changed URL addresses for pages within a particular context (organization, project or user context).

Load Impact 2017.1.1 (released 2017-01-12)

  • Projects: a project can now be deleted from the project edit modal.

  • Organizations: an organization can now be deleted from the organization edit modal.

  • Billing: payment emails now include a PDF receipt, the PDF receipt is also available for download from within app on billing page.

Load Impact 2016.12.4 (released 2016-12-23)

  • Trending/Overview chart: Fix low URL values not visible in trending chart.

  • Test configuration: Fix URL Grouping not working.

Load Impact 2016.12.3 (released 2016-12-15)

  • Trending/Overview chart: when URL load time is empty, the bar will always have a small maximun size.

  • Billing: Fix to show correctly the current plan.

Load Impact 2016.12.2 (released 2016-12-12)

  • Add `project insights` as homepage.

  • Billing: Show number of remaining tests for Free and Basic subscriptions.

Load Impact 2016.12.1 (released 2016-12-07)

  • Billing: billing content becomes a page view.

  • Packages: allow to automatically purchase 5 tests packages.

  • Registration: On the account confirmation step, user can resend the confirmation email to complete registration.

  • Knowledge Base: Monitoring and API token pages will auto-open its KB sidebar articles.

  • Plans: give more Virtual users to the default subscription packages.

  • Plans: remove Max-capacity tests capabilities.

Load Impact 2016.11.5 (released 2016-11-29)

  • Registration: new users can complete the registration using the confirmation code on the registration email.

  • Menu: improve the responsiveness of the tests sidebar menu.

  • Profile: profile content becomes a page view.

  • Monitoring: Update links to the server metric agent packages.

  • Trending chart: include tests aborted by user in trending

  • Organizations: Fix create additional organization.

  • Change password: Errors changing password are shown on the specific input context.

Load Impact 2016.11.4 (released 2016-11-23)

  • Pricing: Basic subscription can be purchased month to month.

  • Billing: Add year value to the `created` column on the payment list.

  • Test configuration: Fix `Increase source IPs` multiplier showing number with decimal places.

  • Organization: Fix error message when creating an organization fails.

  • Billing: Fix the subscription expires value was shown on the wrong column.

Load Impact 2016.11.3 (released 2016-11-11)

  • Sidebar: can copy tests and user scenarios.

  • Test overview: add sorting and URL Load Time to the test result table.

  • Trending chart: becomes a bar chart.

  • Test results: Fix Bandwidth counter to be shown in Bits.

Load Impact 2016.11.2 (released 2016-11-08)

  • Tests: User can select latest test run from test sidebar menu.

  • Purchase: Improve copy when payment has failed.

  • Test results: Fix the URL name to become copyable and shown on hover.

Load Impact 2016.11.1 (released 2016-11-04)

  • Pricing: Annual subscriptions replace quarterly subscriptions.

  • Thresholds: Fix threshold configuration can be removed.

  • Integrations: Redesigned integrations page to show better all the integration options.

Load Impact 2016.10.3 (released 2016-10-27)

  • Notifications: We now have integrations with Slack and HipChat in addition to Webhooks. You'll find them under: User menu -> Organizations -> Organization settings -> Notifications.

  • Server metrics agent: Fixed compatibility issue with psutil versions (tested from 0.4.0 up to 4.3.0).

  • Server metrics agent: Linux packages are now distributed through

  • Server metrics agent: Linux packages now provides installation scripts for upstart and systemd init systems.

  • Server metrics agent: Removed configuration dialog from postinstall script into `li-metrics-agent-config` command.

  • Server metrics agent: README rewritten with detailed installation and configuration guides. Discovered how to implement custom metrics using `psutil` or `nagios plugins`..

  • Test result page: Fixed issue that prevented test runs failed by threshold to be exported to CSV.

  • Web app left menu: The name of blocking relation(s) are now shown in the error message when trying to remove user scenario or data store.

Load Impact 2016.10.2 (released 2016-10-25)

  • Test result page: Introduction of "large test mode" if test run has many urls or has long duration (some functionality is not available in "large test mode", see below).

  • Test result page: Added time interval filtering in the metric tables (disabled in the large test mode).

  • Test result page: Added sorting in the URL and page tables (disabled in the large test mode).

  • Test result page: Select box filters act globally accross metric tables.

  • Test result page: Redesigned URL table to flatten information that was previously grouped by URL.

  • Test result page: Added ability to add URL and page metrics to the main chart directly from the table.

  • Test result page: In-place visualisation in the metric tables on row hover.

  • Test result page: Expanded default list of metrics shown in small charts.

  • Test result page: Synchronized cursor marker and navigator zooming for main chart and small charts.

  • Test result page: Lifted main chart out of the "Metrics" tab, placing it above the tabs.

  • Test result page: Abort test run button is no longer shown for anonymous tests.

  • Web app left menu: When no server monitoring has been configured, the server monitoring menu shows the different monitoring options to be configured.

Load Impact 2016.10.1 (released 2016-10-19)

  • Registration flow: Make anonymous test private as part of registration flow when registering from free test page.

  • Registration flow: Remove registration complete step to simplify registration flow.

  • Test result page: Aggregated average calculation on the tests results page was calculated in the wrong way.

  • Test result page: "Add to large chart" option from smaller chart is now only shown when chart is not visible already in the large chart.

  • Test result page: Improve metric title and description (using tooltips).

  • User scenario editor page: Tooltip of the Save button now dissapears when button becomes disabled.

  • User scenario validation: Fixed an issue with the wrong status being displayed in the progress panel when validating a user scenario.

Load Impact 2016.9.1 (released 2016-09-15)

  • URL grouping for faster result analysis, see blog for announcement.

  • Test config page: Improved UX when no user scenarios are available.

  • Test config page: Traffic simulation percent inputs are not hidden if test config only has one user scenario.

Load Impact 2016.8.1 (released 2016-08-23)

  • Test config page: Traffic simulation chart was not updated correctly when removing a user scenario.

  • User scenario editor page: Load Script API docs are now available in the sidebar to the right.

Load Impact 2016.7.3 (released 2016-07-18)

  • User scenario editor page: Fix syntax highlighting of Load Impact scripting API in editor.

Load Impact 2016.7.2 (released 2016-07-11)

  • Test results page: Threshold line is now shown in the main chart for failed thresholds.

Load Impact 2016.7.1 (released 2016-07-07)

  • Thresholds: Feature that allows you to configure pass/fail criteria for a test, see blog for announcement.

Load Impact 2016.6.1 (released 2016-06-08)

  • New Relic APM integration update: Now allows users to save any metric available through the New Relic API along with their test run results, see blog for announcement.

  • User scenario editor: When a validation fails because of a missing data store, the validation error message will now recommend to select/attach the data store.

  • Data retention: All users can now buy a data retention subscription, not only customers who've previously bought a premium subscription.

  • Test results page (Edge browser): Use simple line chart instead of filled areas to work around lack of support for gradient areas.

  • Test results page: Fixed issue with blank spaces in navigator panel of large chart.

  • Test results page: Fixed URL chart title. It showed the wrong HTTP status code in the title when the URL metric had multiple series with different status codes.

  • Page/URL analyzed user scenario: Fixed an issue causing URLs with certain characters to be rejected from being analyzed.

  • Proxy recorder: Fixed regression causing proxy recorder to stop working.

  • Payment receipts: Fixed regression causing receipts for credit purchases to stop working.

Load Impact 2016.5.1 (released 2016-05-06)

  • Load Impact CLI: The CLI has been extended to support working with data stores (create, read, update and delete). We've also fixed some smaller config file issues to support Windows. See GitHub repository for docs and source, and blog for announcement.

  • Data store update: Users can now replace an existing data store by uploading a new CSV file from the CLI or the list of data stores in the left-hand side menu.

  • Blog: Improvements to the layout and design of the blog to give it a less cluttered look and feel.

  • Web app left menu: Added embedded instructional videos in empty listings instead of just linking to the videos on Youtube.

Load Impact 2016.4.1 (released 2016-04-20)

  • Notifications: We've released the first iteration of our Notifications feature with support for webhook targets. See blog for announcement.

  • Design: Added Apple touch icons to support users adding Load Impact website/app to there iDevice home screen.

  • Test run result page: Changed "last avg" in URL and page tables to show average of whole data serie instead.

  • Test run result page: Added metric type specific icons to metric selection modal.

  • Test run result page: Fix black charts issue in Microsoft Edge.

  • Test run result page: If test run public URL is accessed by owner, redirect to private URL.

  • Test config page: Improved error message when user adds more than the allowed number of steps in the VU ramp-up/down plan.

Load Impact 2016.3.1 (released 2016-03-11)

  • Load Impact CLI: We have a CLI now! It's available in the Python Package Index (PyPI) so can be installed using "pip install loadimpact-cli" from your command line. You'll find the CLI source code on Github (and the needed v3 API token under your profile settings in the web app):

  • Data store download: You can now download the CSV file you uploaded for a data store from the list of data stores in the left-hand side menu.

  • Test run results view state persistence: The state of the result page is now saved to local browser storage as well as being persisted as part of the URL so you can share a test result public URL link with someone knowing that that person will see the same graphs with the same colors as you do.

  • In-app documentation: Our knowlegdebase ( is now available as in-app documentation on the right-hand side of the screen.

  • User scenario editor: Handling of Ctrl+S/Cmd+S has been added and will result in a user scenario save action being performed.

  • Web app left menu: Show spinner in the sidebar list when loading data (tests, user scenarios etc.)

  • Reset password flow: Improved UX by making the "Reset password" button an async button that shows reset request progress.

  • User scenario editor: Fixed code examples UI overflow bug.

  • Test run result page: Upgraded charting component we use (Highcharts) to fix issue with graph lines getting lost.

  • Registration flow: Fixed issue in registration flow that new Load Impact users invited though an organization experienced.

  • Account completion flow: Fixed issue breaking account completion when user had ended up in an unexpected state.

  • Add project member flow: Fixed issue with adding project members.

  • UI input fields: Fixed issue in IE where Enter key presses weren't handled correctly.

  • UI for managing organization users: Fixed UI not to break when organization has more than a hand full of users.

Load Impact 2016.2.1 (released 2016-02-05)

  • Added app login link to header on

  • Registration flow: Pressing the Enter key now fires the register action when inside the "Password confirmation" input field.

  • Login flow: Redirect user to registration completion step if user's account is in a account-not-complete state.

  • Test run result page: Added link to knowledge base for Load Impact HTTP status codes in URL table.

  • Load Impact API tokens can now be regenerated in the web app.

  • Load script API docs: Updated examples.

  • User scenario validation: Fixed issue in web app that stopped validation progress from disappearing.

  • Left menu: Fixed issue with user scenario counter when saving scenario from Chrome extension.

  • Left menu: Fixed error message when trying to delete a server metrics agent that is in use by a test.

Load Impact 2015.11.2 (released 2015-11-25)

  • User scenario editor: Fixed XSS issue in validation log table.

  • Email: Added SPF DNS records with "deny all" rule for domains that we don't send emails from (, etc.).

  • Organizations/Projects: Users and test resources can be grouped into organizations and projects with roles and associated permissions further controlling what a specific user has access to.

  • Purchase flow: Fixed an issue causing purchases to fail.

  • Test run result page: Fix counters for Pages/URLs/Logs.

  • UI: Fix IE bug with alignment of header in app.

Load Impact 2015.11.1 (released 2015-11-04)

  • New Relic: Integration with New Relic to pull down metrics collected by New Relic's APM product during a load test and making them available on the test run results page.

  • HTTP/2 tool: Release of the HTTP/1.1 vs HTTP/2 comparison tool

  • Test run results page: Fixed line color of metric graphs to match in small and large chart.

  • In-app help: Added documentation for test scheduling and performance trending.

  • In-app help: Made help links across web app more consistent.

  • Test run results page: Fixed URLs and log counters.

  • Logging: Fixed excessive logging from web app.

Load Impact 2015.10.1 (released 2015-10-02)

  • Payments: Braintree integration, our new US based payment provider. Purchase flows are now fully in-app, no redirects. Includes integrated Paypal payment method.

  • Sidebar menu: There's now a sorting option in the tests menu that allows you to sort tests by last test run date/time or next scheduled test run date/time.

  • Test config: The UI now allows 20 ramp-up/down steps. This is still subject to subscription specific rules.

  • Schedule modal: Show user's time zone.

  • Chrome recorder extension: Fixed issue with encoding of spaces (%20 vs +) in HTML form POST bodies.

  • Chrome recorder extension: Fixed issue with empty request bodies for PUT/POST/PATCH requests.

  • Python SDK: Fixed data store create doc bug in README.

  • Python SDK: Set content type header on PUT requests.

  • Python SDK: Default to show full API response message on error response to make troubleshooting easier for users.

Load Impact 2015.9.1 (released 2015-09-20)

  • In-app documentation with first help doc for "Extra/Source IPs".

  • Test run results page: Custom metric charts can now plot "count" value.

  • Test run results page: Pages/URLs/Logs won't show "Aggregated World" when there is only one load zone in test config.

  • Test run results page: Large chart now has an option to export the chart as a PNG.

  • Test run results page: Added filter by "levels" to the log table.

  • Test run results page: Fixed "size" information in URLs table to show the last value instead of the accumulated value of all the data points.

  • Test run results page: Fixed load time unit formatting in URLs and Pages table from using "millisecs" to "ms".

  • Subscription tab in billing modal: Split "Renews" column into "Renews/Next payment" and "Expires" to make things more clear.

  • Add user scenario modal on test config page: Changed sorting of scenarios to show last updated first.

  • Load generator (rload): Fixed issue with PUT request bodies larger than 16 KiB.

  • Fix Gravatar URL to correctly encode default avatar URL. This bug caused all avatars to use the default Gravatar image.

  • Disable Yandex as SSO option (they've discontinued their OpenID support).

  • Fixed issue with causing schedule with "Occurrences" larger than 1 to loose schedule info in "Tests" menu.

  • Fixed wrong URL count in list on test run result page when there are both failed and successful requests.

Load Impact 2015.8.1 (released 2015-08-27)

  • Improved test config page by making better use of screen real estate. Less empty space now.

  • Changed left sidebar menu item "CI Plugins" to "Integrations" with CI plugin installation docs now available in-app.

  • On test config page app now asks if you want to discard advanced changes when switching from advanced to simple traffic simulation.

  • Schedule modal dialog is now available as a linkable URL:

  • Load generator (rload): Fix issue with long log lines (> 5000 chars) causing validations to fail. Log lines longer than 5k chars are now truncated.

  • Load generator (rload): Fixed issue with forced TLSv1.2 connections consistently failing.

  • Schedule interval wasn't shown in schedule modal dialog. Now it is.

  • When user deletes a test or user scenario currently being displayed they're now redirected to default page.

  • Fixed issue causing "show selected only" checkbox to still be checkable even though all items in select box (data store select box on user scenario editor page) had been deselected.

  • Fixed so that "Aggregated (World)" load zone is shown in second place, after "All", in load zone select boxes on test result page.

  • Fixed issue causing data store selection to stick when switching from one user scenario to another user scenario where both scenarios had data stores.

Load Impact 2015.7.1 (released 2015-07-13)

  • Added feature to delete tests and individual test runs.

  • Released new version of TeamCity plugin

  • An improved version of the Jenkins plugin has been released. This release will let user know if a public URL doesn't exist for a particular test run started by the plugin and instead link to the real test run URL.

  • Released new version of Chrome extension. This release fixes an issue with the handling of binary HTTP request bodies, an issue with the blinking recording icon and some URLs that were pointing to the old v2 website.

  • Data store conversion service (handles data store CSV uploads and converts them into our internal format) has now been fixed so that we can run more than one data store conversion at the same time.

  • Improved header of large chart on test result page. When adding many metrics to the large chart the header became very cluttered and hard to read.

  • Improved default name of user scenarios from a random string of 10 characters to "Unnamed DATETIME" where DATETIME is today's date and the current time.

  • Fixed bug in Python SDK related to representation of data store attached to user scenarios.

  • Active VUs graph is now rolled up using max aggregate function instead of avg. This will fix the UI issue causing user's to believe the ramp-up didn't reach it's target VU level.

  • Fixed URL, page and log counters on test run result page.

  • Fixed color mismatch between legend and graph in large chart when adding 6 or more metrics.

  • Fixed issue preventing user from adding URL metrics for the same URL but with different load zone to the metrics tab.

  • Load zone is now shown in URL/page metric settings modal.

Load Impact 2015.6.2 (released 2015-06-18)

  • Improved test results sharing. Now opens a modal dialog with a clearer public URL link and buttons to share prepared message on Twitter and Facebook.

  • Improved keyboard input. We now auto-focus on appropriate input fields by default and support ENTER to trigger default action, ESC to close modals and UP/DOWN navigation in select lists.

  • Added scrollbars to select lists to clearly communicate when there are more items available for selection than initially shown.

  • Added load generator Lua API test.is_validation() that can be used to condition code execution paths based on execution environment, script validation or load test. Documentation has been updated.

  • Improved user scenario full screen editing mode not to overlay the header section with data store selection, validation and save actions.

  • Search query entered in menu search box persists across menu show/hide toggles.

  • Fixed bug in load generator build which caused util.dns_remap() to function incorrectly when running tests. Worked correctly for validations. Documentation has been updated.

  • Fixed bug in load generator where complex CSS queries passed to html.css_query() could fail if matching more than a certain number of HTML DOM nodes.

Load Impact 2015.6.1 (released 2015-06-11)

  • Launched new Performance Trending feature: allows user to plot the 95th percentile URL load time of a test's individual runs in graph on the test overview page.

  • Inline user scenario script editor on test config page.

  • If test aborted with script error there's now a link from the test result page console to the user scenario edit page where the erroneous line will be highlighted and the error message shown in the validation panel below the editor.

  • Test abort emails are automatically sent out if a test run aborts (by user, system or script error).

  • Added test scheduling information to tests menu and test overview page.

Load Impact 2015.5.2 (released 2015-05-21)

  • Improved API rate limiting. Applies per API key and is by default set to 500 requests/minute for logged in users (token based) and 200 requests/minute for anonymous users (IP based).

  • Put the world map back on the test result page - like in v2.

  • Added support for adding credit card without buying anything (go to Billing modal -> Cred cards tab and if you don't have a credit card already you'll see a button saying "Add new credit card").

  • Updated our SSL certificates. They're now of the Enhanced Validation (for and type which makes it more clear in web browser URL/location bars that the user is on an encrypted site.

  • Fixed issue with unresponsive loading of test results with lots of URLs.

Load Impact 2015.5.1 (released 2015-05-08)

  • We have a new default page when logging in. On this new page a user can simply enter a URL and optionally change max VUs and duration to start a test (we'll automatically analyze the entered URL, create a user scenario, create a test and start a test run). There's also a link on this page to skip to the "advanced" configuration page.

  • Re-implementation of pricing page with responsive design.

  • Added "Data stores" column to user scenarios menu listing.

  • Warn user of unsaved user scenario if trying to navigate away from the user scenario edit view with an unsaved user scenario.

  • Two new actions (icons) in the tests menu: a wrench icon to go directly to test configuration page and a play icon to start a test run.

  • A test run abort button in the progress bar UI for a running test.

  • Hide progress UI if there's no active background task (test run, data store upload, user scenario validation etc.).

  • Fixed issue on test configuration page causing previously chosen user scenario to be pre-selected when adding another scenario.

  • Fixed bug "Invalid start time" when saving a test configuration with an old schedule.

  • Fixed issue that would result in hidden overlay on top of the UI making the UI un-clickable (after session expired and subsequent login).

  • Fixed data store upload modal CSV preview to handle CSV rows with many columns better.

Load Impact 2015.4.1 (released 2015-04-16)

  • Added new charting: switched all charts to the same out-of-the-box solution (Highcharts) that we used in v2.

  • Traffic simulation chart on test config page is now a stacked area chart with one graph for each user scenario and load zone pair.

  • Small charts on the test run result page now have a new menu item "Add to large chart", when clicked the small graph is added to the large chart.

  • Fixed source IP UI in advanced traffic simulation modal on test config page.

  • Fixed issue with network emulation browser always being set to default "LI Browser".

  • Fixed issue with default start-on-line filed being "undefined" in data store upload modal.

  • Fixed issue with proxy where previous recordings for the same 30 min proxy session would show up in the recorded script.

Load Impact 2015.3.4 (released 2015-03-20)

  • Improved test run results handling:

    • Optimized code paths handling test run result data;
    • Added limits to the number of URLs, Pages and Logs that we actually pull down to the UI to 5000 each;
    • Added messages to let the users know that they need to export CSV to access the full data set and added links to support documentation to describe how to write scripts that will actually give them valuable results;
    • Added loading modal that will overlay page until test run results have been retrieved from our servers (should take no more than 30 seconds to a minute for large test runs now);
    • Asynchronous loading of data points for URLs, Pages and Logs;
    • Disable refreshing of menu listings while on a test run result page.

  • Fixed issue causing config changes to be silently discarded when you click "Run test" before saving.

  • Fixed missing logs on test run result page: problem was if multiple log entries existed with the same timestamp only one was displayed in the logs table.

  • General stats is now at the top of the test run result page, pushing the progress panel down a bit.

  • Fixed URL to user scenario to support entering IP addresses, TLDs longer than 4 chars (.travel, .museum, .aerospace etc.) etc.

  • Fixed issue with pagination for URLs/Pages on test run result page that resulted in "missing" data data for these metrics (the data was never fetched from the API).

  • Fixed select box z-index (depth) positioning, meaning the options list is no longer hidden in modal dialogs (like extra source IPs, network emulation etc.).

  • Fix issue that could cause gaps in the results graphs.

  • Fix issue causing test run credits cost prompt to show wrong number of credits if config had been modified just before.

  • Added started and ended date and time to test run result page.

  • Fixed wrong success/error counters in URLs table on test run result page.

  • Added HTTP status code message to URLs table to help decrypt status codes like 1128.

  • Fixed issue with not all payments being shown in billing modal.

  • Added grouping of URLs in table on test run result page by load zone and user scenario - like in v2.

  • Added "no entries" messages to empty tables on test run result page.

  • Fixed issue that caused first and last data points in graphs to not be shown.

Load Impact 2015.3.3 (released 2015-03-16)

  • Added Data Store support with a NEW feature: using multiple data stores in the same user scenario.

  • Added possibility to delete User Scenarios from the menu.

  • Added possibility to delete Data Stores from the menu.

  • Added "View full" support for all log lines when validating user scenario.

  • Fixed sorting of data stores in menu.

  • Added show pen icon (faded) when editing test or user scenario to more clearly communicate how/where to change name.

  • Added a performance improvement to test overview page to make it render faster.

Load Impact 2015.3.2 (released 2015-03-11)

  • Bug fix which prevented Sever metrics agents from being used in tests or graphed on result page.

  • Fixed issue with code editor where some characters would be converted to HTML equivalent breaking those scripts.

  • Fixed issue with user scenarios that had an existing data stores attached to them, these are now fully functional (validations and test runs work).

  • Fixed AppDirect OpenID issue preventing new AppDirect users from logging in, and also patching an OpenID security hole.

  • Fixed off-by-one line highlight for script errors when validating user scenarios. Also, line number is now added to error message in list and editor is scrolled to line of error.

  • Fixed unit for page metrics, from milliseconds to seconds.

  • Fixed issue preventing customers with a custom subscription from purchasing a standard premium one.

  • Added "Company name" field to receipts based on the field "Company name" from user profile.

Load Impact 2015.3.1 (released 2015-03-08)

  • Major design changes to User Interface (UI). Load Impact is now a Single Page App (SPA) located at

  • Ability to graph new metrics in UI, including Delta received, Delta requests, Total Received and Total Requests