Load Impact Helps E-Commerce Giant Prepare for Major Event

After a successful partnership prior to the seasonal e-commerce spike in 2014, Souq.com has entered a recurring arrangement with Load Impact that includes training and consultation for all performance and load testing projects for the e-commerce giant.

Initial project

In preparation for the company’s first-ever “White Weekend” sale (the company’s equivalent of “Black Friday”), Souq.com understood that the already massive e-commerce website would be under tremendous pressure from a burst in visitors.

Souq.com implemented a tremendously successful public relations campaign that resulted in the announcement of White Weekend in Business Insider, Reuters News Service and several other high-profile publications.

Knowing the online event had plenty of buzz, Souq.com contracted Load Impact to monitor the site’s live environment and prepare load tests that would help the company understand the website’s maximum capacity.

Souq.com’s experts anticipated White Weekend would bring more than 10 million visitors to its website and apps and generate sales of more than 250,000 items.

In the weeks before White Weekend, Load Impact scripted load tests that mirrored previous consumer behavior in order to accurately gauge the stress Souq.com would face during the online event.

The tests were designed with complete and dynamic user flows, including adding items to the cart, checkout and more. Load Impact servers simulated load between 100,000 and 150,000 concurrent users.

The test process was continuously synchronized with Souq.com’s QA and development team, who tuned and optimized the e-commerce platform based on ongoing key metrics and result analysis from the Load Impact team.

White Weekend was a resounding success for Souq.com, and the website maintained competitive performance and loading times for customers during peak traffic hours.

Recurring Performance and Load Testing

After the successful engagement during the White Weekend campaign, Souq.com and Load Impact have agreed to continue the partnership in an effort to include performance testing in the agile release process of Souq.com.

The objective is to maintain a Continuous Delivery process — releasing builds and optimizations on a day-to-day basis while understanding the performance of each iteration.

Souq.com uses 17 highly skilled development teams organized into groups of 3-5 developers and 1-2 QA professionals based in Jordan, Dubai, Bangalore and New Delhi.

Load Impact Collaborative Training

Load Impact’s Director of Customer Success, Michael Sjolin, traveled to Souq.com’s Jordan office in February to continue the development and QA teams’ training with Load Impact’s software and UI.

The presentations gave the team at Souq.com an in-depth understanding of the importance of load testing and the best practices to incorporate it into their development cycle.

Together, Michael and Souq.com’s team worked to establish an effective workflow and performance testing routines for the complete range of development environments.

  • Development

  • Integration

  • QA

  • Pre-production

  • Production
  • With Souq.com’s development and QA teams up-to-speed, the recurring partnership between the two companies is primed to continue the success from White Weekend.

    "Pre-production performance testing is a must to preempt application problems and avoid downtime/load time in business. With Load Impact, we will improve our site load and performance so we can meet our requirements and continue to serve our customers." — Mahmoud Ubeidat, manager of QA operations at Souq.com

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