Full Stack Engineer

We are looking for a full stack engineer to join our engineering team. As a full stack engineer you are part of the team responsible for developing our Django Rest Framework based API and the Ember.js based SPA that serve our customers on api.loadimpact.com and app.loadimpact.com respectively.

A number of soon to be started projects makes this an extra good opportunity to join a growing technology company where you, as a developer, is part of our product’s primary target audience.

We value detail-oriented team players with good communication skills. We work in small, focused teams of 2-3 engineers where collaboration, feedback and trust are important aspects. We try to minimize meetings, move fast and work asynchronously using Trello, Github, CircleCI and Slack. This allows engineers flexibility in terms of choosing location to work from. We value the ability to work remotely.

We believe engineers should take ownership of their code from planning to release making sure it stays performant and reliable. We are in the process of fully containerizing our environments and deploy apps to our container clusters using Ansible. We encourage open source involvement and take time to contribute changes back upstream when we make improvements to our dependencies.

This position is primarily for our office located in Stockholm, Sweden, but we will also accept remote candidates if you are exceptional and have previous experience working remotely. Our office is very centrally located near Slussen, by the way, with a fantastic view of the city harbour :)

At Load Impact English is the default language, we are made up of people from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Russia, Spain, Sweden and the US.

Interview process

  1. You send in your CV and cover letter

    • A short intro with a link to your GitHub account is also fine if that suits you better

  2. We do a first-pass screening

  3. We’ll either ask you to do a code test (on your own time) or you can show us one of your projects that you’re proud of and walk us through it

  4. We hold an interview with you where we talk about the code test or one of your projects as well as ask you questions, you ask us questions, we feel each other out

    • Will involve 1-2 people from Load Impact

  5. We let you know whether we want to give you an offer and you let us know whether you’re still interested

  6. Success!

Skills & Requirements

Must haves:

  • Passion for writing idiomatic Python and JS code
  • You need to be knowledgeable about or have an interest in:

  • Django, Django Rest Framework

  • JavaScript frameworks like Ember.js

  • Cloud APIs; AWS, Rackspace, Azure, Google Cloud Platform etc.

  • Docker and a CI/CD workflow - ours is based on Github, CircleCI, DockerHub, Ansible and Slack

  • PostgreSQL, Cassandra and other databases like AWS DynamoDB and InfluxDB

  • Micro services based architecture

  • Working with time series data and libraries like Numpy and Pandas

  • Algorithms and data structures - know when to use what

  • About Load Impact

    Load Impact is the world’s most widely used online load testing service, with over 200,000 users from 190+ countries and over two million executed load tests - Google “web load test"!

    We are a small company but very experienced in developing applications for performance testing and monitoring. Starting way back in 2000, we have been developing performance test and measurement software for customers such as Nasdaq and the European space agency. We have written both hardcore, low-level networking software and high-level web user interfaces and become quite good at both of those things. We pride ourselves on understanding the lower levels of a networked application while at the same time realizing how incredibly important UX is. In 2009 we took the step and launched loadimpact.com. In 2011 it was made into a pure cloud service, and we have never looked back.

    We are located in Stockholm, Sweden, New York City and San Francisco, USA.

    Send us your CV and cover letter