Frontend Engineer

We are looking for an experienced frontend engineer to join the engineering team at Load Impact. You will be involved in the development of our new single page app based on the Ember.js framework. You have a passion for crafting usability and customer focused products and have experience building complex and detailed user interfaces. Deep diving into dependencies is something you do regularly, while debugging but also for expanding your knowledge and educating yourself about your stack.

We are a small team and value team players with good communication skills. We have an agile way of working where collaboration, feedback and trust are important aspects. All engineers take ownership of their code from planning to release making sure it stays performant and reliable. We also encourage open source involvement and take time to contribute changes back upstream when we make improvements to our dependencies.

This position is for our office located in Stockholm, Sweden. A very scenic city, with excellent infrastructure, clean streets, low crime, many bars, fantastic coffee. A bit cool in winter, but who cares, we just buy more coffee. There is also a very vibrant tech startup scene in Stockholm, much thanks to companies like Spotify, Skype, (Candy crush), Mojang (Minecraft) and others that started and are still operating here. The city is attracting more and more world-class IT entrepreneurs and developers - it is a very dynamic environment to work in, with a lot of industry colleagues to hang out with and learn from. Our office is very centrally located, by the way, with a fantastic view of the city harbour :)

At Load Impact English is the default language, we are made up of people from Canada, Spain, Sweden and the US.


  • Develop our single page app based on the Ember.js framework interfacing with our API written in Python/Django

  • Maintain a scalable and modular CSS architecture

  • Develop our test suite to make sure it keeps an even pace with the development of the app

  • Measure and improve performance of single page app as we scale

  • Debug frontend production issues (frequently involves diving into Ember internals)

  • Send us your CV and cover letter