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    Load Impact is the world’s most widely used online load testing service, with more than 200,000 users from 190+ countries and over two million executed load tests – Google “web load test”!

    We are a small company but very experienced in developing applications for performance testing and monitoring. We started out as a software development consulting company way back in 2000, developing performance test and measurement software for customers such as Nasdaq and the European Space Agency.

    We wrote both low-level networking software and high-level web user interfaces and became quite good at both of those things. We pride ourselves on understanding the lower levels of a networked application while at the same time realizing how incredibly important User Experience (UX) is. In 2009, we took the step and launched, becoming a product company rather than a consulting company, and we have never looked back.

    We are a small team and value team players with good communication skills. We have an agile way of working where collaboration, feedback and trust are important aspects. Everyone takes ownership of their work - whether that's code, content, marketing, quality assurance, support or sales. We also encourage community involvement and take time to collaborate with others in our field.

    We are located in Stockholm, Sweden and New York, New York.

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