Load Testing Consultancy Service

The challenge!

Most companies with outward-facing dynamic websites face the same challenges: pages must load quickly, infrastructure must scale efficiently, and sites and services must be reliable, without burning out the team or breaking the budget. Knowing how much traffic your website can handle helps you plan for hardware upgrades or optimization work. This leads to shorter load times, which in turn increases user satisfaction. In the end, visits, user retention and sales for your site will go up.

We can assist you to simulate a large number of users to your website, from multiple countries and browsers, to find out under what conditions your website will slow down dramatically and which components within the website caused this slow down.

Why choose us?

We have over 10 years of experience in the load testing field. Unlike software-based load testing solutions run locally, we are able to simulate real, external traffic to your site over the Internet. We have a clear channel strategy and have a longterm experience in collaborating efficiently with your preferred hosting/system integration partner and/or your Test & QA partner.

What will we do for you?

We offer sophisticated testing and comprehensive analyses of test results, as well as solid recommendations how you can improve the performance of your sites. We plan, configure and execute your load test precisely according to your needs and requirements. We will also provide a detailed report that includes both the results and recommendations for performance optimization, if any. There is no upper limit on how much load we can generate

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Since 2009, thousands of satisfied customers and partners have conducted more than 700,000 performance tests with Load Impact cost-efficient Cloud service. Load Impact has currently a customer base of over 50,000 active accounts, which continuously ensures the quality of their online presence to provide an appropriate infrastructure performance and capacity to deliver an accurate, scalable and proactive optimized service. Read more