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What makes Load Impact so great

Load Impact is a leading online load testing service that lets you load test your website over the Internet. It’s a true On Demand service, where you can start testing instantly and there are no licenses fees. You simply pay as you go.

We provide load testing and reporting as an online service to e-commerce & B2B sites all over the world. In fact our load-testing service is so good that it’s already been used to execute over 700,000 load tests. Making Load Impact the most popular load testing service on the Internet.

Register an account and get immediate access to our distributed cloud network of load generator nodes and all our features. These are powerful server clusters with very fast connections that are able to simulate tens of thousands of users accessing your website concurrently.

More than 10 years of experience

The Company

Load Impact a highly specialized software company in the field of performance measurements and load testing. We have previously developed performance measurement applications to clients like NASDAQ OMX, ESA (European Space Agency) and various Post and Telecom Authorities in Europe.

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Why Load Test?

Having a fast website is a key to commercial success on the Internet. A slow web site will increase your bounce rate, reduce your rank in search engines & reduce conversions rates. All of which in the end means less revenue.

A slow site means increased bouncerate, decreased search rank and decreased conversion rate.

In studies published in 2009 Akamai and Forrester found that the average visitor expects a web page to load in no more than two seconds. This benchmark value is gradually shrinking as users have faster connections to the Internet. Studies also show that milliseconds of increase in load time can significantly reduce page views, revenue and also the disadvantage of the site’s Google ranking.

Web page usability expert Jakob Nielsen claim that a web page has to load within a second to provide the visitor the feeling of an immediate response. Users will then act intuitively with the website and does not reflect to the fact that one is interacting with a computer that can be positioned thousands of miles away. Visitors who encounter slow websites feel they have lost control of the interaction.

When the website is slow to browse through, the user is reluctant to clicking at objects in the site with the risk that one should have to wait more for the pages to load. What is remarkable is just how small delays have a negative impact on a web site conversion rates. And how easily a visitor looses patience and leaves for a competing website to carry out its task.

Since 2010, Google has included site speed as part of its search ranking algorithm. It means that fast sites gets a higher ranking in its search.

These are some of the reasons that make it extremely important that organizations verify the quality of response times on their websites. Quality assurance and optimization is becoming an increasingly important component in the battle for customers on the Internet.

Delay time and load level
Potential revenue captured and load time

Why Cloud Service?

Load Impact is an 100% online service where no installation is required. Traditional load testing required you to install, configure and operate your own testing infrastructure. Load Impact runs on cloud servers, over the Internet. You will always have access to your test configurations and your test results. You will never need to install or maintain any special software or servers for your testing.

This provides you with extreme flexibility and minimize start up time in set up your tests.